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Sure, Why not!
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Mt. Adams Fire tower update 7/10/11

I had some time Saturday morning 7/9 to review the Register at the East River Trail head (Allen, Adams) wanted to see how many people are visiting the fire tower this year, especially with the lack of a bridge over the Hudson. While several people noted that the bridge was out (one emphatically) and did not continue. I was surprised at the number increase in the last month. Here is the breakdown based on those who did not note if they did not make the crossing
Jan - 5
Feb - 0
Mar - 8
April - 0
May - 20
Jun - 39
Jul 1 - 9th- 40!
I recently received some news that there is a chance that the bridge might be repaired before the fall of this year.
So what can you expect to find now on the Fire Tower as a result of the absolutely best volunteers this year.
1) First and foremost would have to be the new roof.
This was a collaboration from four great people. Mace, who took charge of the research, design and redesign of the roof to make it stronger and aerodynamic. Ward and Slamdog who then found a metal shop that would sell us the Galvanized sheet metal at cost and then donate their time to make the cuts and bends to fit Mace's design. (thank you again Wilt Industries) Then those three along with Chief completely assembled the new roof in Ward's garage just to verify everything would fit the way it should and then they disassemble it so Wardy could crate it up for the helicopter air drop without being damaged.
Ward, Mace, Slammdog have been involved in every aspect from design to installation. I can not thank these gentlemen enough for what they have contributed and the pride they have in the product they have produced. Rightfully so, just a week after the new roof was installed it was put to the test as hurricane force winds and a tornado was reported in the town of Newcomb. The roof held fast.

2)Completion of the stair treads that were worn.
After hauling all of those 2"x10"x2' boards up the mountain last year by some more great volunteers. Thank you all who helped that day it was the hottest and most humid day of the summer and we still had a great turnout of people from this forum and those who heard about our effort and showed up to lend a hand.
The process of replacing each one of these steps is simple but not easy. We began the process last summer and with the assistance pf Haydk, Kyler and Kenmore we made a substantial dent in the project. Unfortunately it seemed that whenever I listed "replacing stairs" on the work list it seemed to trigger Rain, Sleet, Hail, Snow and Thunderstorms We caught a break this past weekend and Kenmore spent 6 and 1/2 hours completing the job. Again thank you.
3)Window Frames.
Five of Eight of the original window frames are still there. Three are still attached to the cab (one with glass still in it) and two that are at the base ready to be re-attached on our next trip. I was able to get these all primed and painted in hope of trying to save these original (1917) pieces. Thre remaining three frames will have to be duplicated. I have taken the measurements and will see if I can get them done by Sept.
4) Railings and Fencing on the Staircase:
We have been able to restore some of the fencing on the first to levels however to complete the project we have to obtain new post's and railing for the stairs. Several of the railing section were disassembled for some reason towards the top making the ascent pretty scary for anyone with a fear of heights or ladders.
Keep in mind that the tower is still under restoration and the "Warning Keep Clear" sign must remain up until all the work has been completed and the DEC engineers consider it safe.
I highly recommend that that those responsible for the safety of their children and/or dogs do not allow then on the tower. The last thing anyone wants is for something bad to happen resulting in injury.

There is still a lot of work to do, namely the railings, fencing some re-decking on the landings, setting up and pouring s new concrete footer for the NE corner and clean up of years of construction debris and two old roofs that are still around the footprint of the tower.
Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope to meet some of you up on top one day.

Pictures Compliments of Kenmore
"Climbing is about freedom. There's no prize money; there are no gold medals. The mountains are all about going there to do what you want to do. That's why I'll never tell anyone else how to climb. All I can say is, This is how I prefer to do it."
Ed Viesturs

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Jack, went up to Adams yesterday and was very impressed by what you all have done. I chatted with 2 men who hadn't been up for a while who were taking in all the positive changes and were especially commenting on the new roof and it's design. Kudos to all involved, especially seeing the steep climb to get up there and do the work.

Btw, yesterday (Sunday) besides me, I encountered 8 other people visiting the tower.
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awesome colaboration Jack and Co. .... your truly in it with your heart...
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